Health Benefits of Boron

To keep your body operating at an optimal level, you should make sure to receive adequate levels of boron in your diet.

Boron allows your body to work smarter, not harder. Over the past decade scientific research has begun to reveal trace mineral boron’s importance for overall health. The health benefits of boron have been associated with improved brain function, arthritis relief and increasing magnesium absorption. Boron plays an essential role in keeping your bones and joints functioning optimally by helping your body metabolize important minerals like calcium. Boron is important for mineral metabolism and membrane function.

In the past, we were able to get the micronutrient boron through foods, now due to commercial farming techniques, we aren’t getting as much from the foods we eat because the soil and water are depleted. You need at least 3mg of boron per day to see benefits for a number of ailments.


Boron Improves Brain Function

Boron has been proven to aid overall cognitive performance and helps with manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination plus long-term and short-term memory.


Boron Reduces Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in your joints, inflammation occurs when your body’s defense system releases white blood cells into your system by mistake. Boron has anti-inflammatory qualities, it limits the release of certain chemicals that can leak into your joints, causing pain and swelling. Boron has been prescribed since the early 1970’s for osteoarthritis specifically because is able to control inflammation associated with bone mineral density that causes it.


Boron Helps Metabolize Insulin

It turns out that over time, boron deficient diets can cause hyperinsulinemia or diabetes. Boron helps your body metabolize insulin and may help reduce the amount required to maintain optimal plasma glucose based on several animal studies.


Boron Helps with Kidney Stones

In clinical trials, 3 mg of boron per day has been shown to reduce urinary calcium excretion which causes kidney stone formation.


Boron Supports Metabolic Processes

Boron can be helpful for everything from bone growth to wound healing and helps metabolize other vital nutrients such as magnesium. Boron increases the half-life and bioavailablilty of other nutritional elements  such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, through it’s production of estrogen and other vital hormones. Boron helps to speed up metabolic processes like bone growth and wound healing.

Boron protects against oxidative stress and animal studies have shown increases the antioxidant defense mechanisms and regenerated damaged liver kidney and brain tissues. Boron has been shown to prevent vitamin D deficiency by increasing serum levels of calcium absorption and a recent study shows 90% of Vitamin D deficient patients who took a 6 mg boron supplement experienced a 24% increase in Vit D-3 serum levels in only 60 days. Boron may may increase estrogen and testosterone levels and studies have shown that boron inhibits the growth of some types of prostate and breast cancer cells. In an ongoing 10 year studio determining the correlation between boron, hormone replacement therapy and lung cancer in women determined that those with lower boron levels (among both smokers and non-smokers) had significantly higher risk of lung cancer.